Dutch minister is pleased by getting youth involved

CIEP project partners have already reached a high number of stakeholders such as public authorities, providers of educational programs, schools, teachers and students across the EU to share resources and to build the climate innovators network. CIEP project partners are continuously reaching out further stakeholders to expand the CIEP network and to disseminate project results.

For instance, the CIEP Platform was presented in various Erasmus+ project meetings in the field of education and training, in many job fairs to energy companies, and to NGOs active in the area of sustainability and education. In the Netherlands, the CIEP Platform was presented at two important national events. During the Energy Festival, climate challenges were discussed with policymakers and Climate&Energy Minister Rob Jetten. At the National Education Exhibition, the CIEP Platform was present for six days, with more than 23.000 people visiting the event. At both events, the CIEP Platform draws high attention being the only digital platform on sustainability.

CIEP project partners have also already reached many providers of educational programs that has been supplying the CIEP Platform with precious resources on sustainability, ready to be used! Providers of educational programs on sustainability have the possibility to share their initiatives on the CIEP Platform. However, providers must adhere to a set of standards and criteria. Indeed, all educational services provided on the Platform are subject to constant quality screening through expert review. This allows to identify critical issues and to implement corrective measures.