Official launch of the Climate Innovators Energising Platform

The Climate Innovators Energising Platform (CIEP) is an Erasmus+ project that offers an open access digital environment to raise quality standards of educational services in the field of sustainability across the EU. The Platform serves as a one stop shop for the many existing educational programs on sustainability. The CIEP Platform hosts providers of sustainability educational projects, programs, challenges, assessment tools and/or labels that primary, secondary and VET (Vocational Education and Training) schools can use and integrate into their curricula. Within the CIEP platform, all educational services are aligned to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The objective of the CIEP Platform is to create 5 million young climate innovators in the EU by 2030, ambitious we know, but is it is possible with the support of additional primary, secondary and VET schools throughout the EU!


The Climate Innovators Energising Platform (CIEP) has been developed through transnational collaboration. The educational programs offered on the Platform follow extensive consultations with schools at various levels in different EU countries, taking into account current and future schools’ needs in the field of sustainability education.

The CIEP Platform is a co-production with teachers, providers and experts in Spain, Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands by using an agile development method. From an early-stage, visualizations were given to the target groups in order to received their feedback. At the beginning this process was done via wire-frames followed by showing the frontend website. From April 2023 the CIEP Platform, frontend and backend, is live for testing. Real life testing is done via sending questionnaires to teachers and providers.

This iterative process resulted in several technical and functional updates to meet the expectations and requirements of users, such as a search options, action days calendar, bookmark function, a share initiatives button, request an initiative form, etc.